National Parks & Wildlife Northern Rivers Concept Design Projects

Northern Rivers Region 2016

The Woody Head, Black Rocks and Rummery Park / Minyon Falls Campgrounds and Day Use Areas represent an opportunity to develop facilities of outstanding design and high visual amenity, maximising the potential as eco-tourism attractions, while responding sensitively to the natural, historical and cultural context.

Proposed concepts by Fisher Design + Architecture in association with Mackenzie Pronk Architects, for the three sites provide unique and suitable design solutions in consultation with NPWS. The design concepts reflect the cultural and environmental meanings of the site. It is envisaged that the work will include development of both unique and repeatable design elements from signage through to amenities. The development of a robust and appropriate design and materials palette for all elements will be tempered with aspects unique to each site. The concepts aim to meet the pragmatic and landscape specfic needs of each site whilst proposing that key elements of the work may be singled out for further collaboration.

* Illustrations by Neil Mackenzie

WoodyHead_PlanBlackRocks_EntryRummery_CampPlatform Rummery_EcoCabins Rummery_RV_Site WoodyHead_EcoCabins BlackRocks_CampingPlatform1100 BlackRocks_Shelter BlackRocks_ViewPlatform