Sawtell Surf Club

Sawtell 2015

The Sawtell Surf Club renovation presents a unique opportunity to maximise the potential of the existing club facility, and transform it to create a new landmark public building of outstanding design and high visual amenity- a building which is efficient, light, airy, comfortable and stylish.

Working closely with SSLC representative Gary Murray, the design was developed to provide effective planning to economise space, rationalise amenity requirements, get the most for the budget, and create an environment with a sense of ‘place’- inspiring spaces inside and out that function well and that will define the club.

The Sawtell Surf Club renovation aims to make tangible connections with the surrounding environment through a creative use of materials, light and volume, while addressing security, surveillance, and clear identification of public/ private space.

A healthier environment will be provided through a building which is more energy efficient, cheaper to operate and easier to maintain. With a focus on flexibility, the building will be designed to grow and change as needs change.